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9th January 2013
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Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery opened in 2006 and operates over three floors of a building close to the centre of Cheltenham.

The most recent OFSTED report on this childcare setting has rated it “all Grade 1s and Grade 2s” where:

Grade 1 is Outstanding:

this aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality

Grade 2 is Good:

this aspect of the provision is strong

Grade 3 is Satisfactory:

this aspect of the provision is sound

Grade 4 is Inadequate:

this aspect of the provision is not good enough

So the nursery is good at most things and outstanding at others, which is an excellent report by anyone’s standards!

Some particular quotes worth noting are:

    • Parents highly praise the staff for the quality of childcare they provide
    • Children are well supported to achieve as key staff have, or are gaining, a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
    • The indoor learning environment is made interesting with well labelled, low-level storage of toys
    • Throughout the nursery, there is effective planned, purposeful play and exploration with a supportive balance of child-led and adult-initiated activities.
    • Children gain excellent skills for the future and are keen to solve problems for themselves (OFSTED rated this and outstanding aspect of the nursery)
    • Children are immediately willing to take on responsibilities, including helping to set up activities and preparing snack foods for the others.
    • Children develop good habits and behaviour and are considerate towards each other and the younger ones.

So if you are comparing childcare options in Cheltenham you should surely put Monkey Puzzle on your list of nursery schools to visit.

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery is registered by Ofsted on the Early Years Register and on the compulsory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register.

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