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30th October 2013
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November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month and charities together with dental practices and other health care professionals are getting together to raise awareness of this disease and help in its early detection. Find out more at:
The latest figures from 2011 show that there were more than 7,700 new cases diagnosed that year with one person dying every five hours from the disease.
Illume, which is the only dental practice in Cheltenham accredited by MCSAS (The Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme) carries out Mouth Cancer screening routinely during every Healthy Mouth Review and New Client Consultation. Early detection is paramount and has meant that the majority of their referred clients have lived for many years after diagnosis. 
Alison Rumney, joint owner and Practice Manager at Illume says:
 "As dentists we are best placed to recognise both when the mouth is healthy and potentially when it is not.  As part of our commitment to looking after our clients and indeed the wider community we are offering free drop in Mouth Cancer Screening on Tuesday 26th November between 9am and 5pm. There are no strings attached and we will see you as soon after your arrival as we are able. Alternatively you can phone us on 01242 522230 to make an appointment on this or any other day for a free Mouth Cancer Screening.
For more information about Illume please follow this link.
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