Fallen Angels at the Everyman
10th September 2013
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This play takes a light-hearted look at marriage and monogamy versus passion and lust.  When their worthy husbands go off for a weekend of golf, their two upper-class wives, Julia and Jane, end up fighting over their passion for a Frenchman, with whom they both once had a brief affair.

While they both love their husbands, twelve years into marriage, they grieve for the loss of passion and the being ‘in love’ they had felt in the early days of their relationships. 

Even before he arrives neither Julia or Jane can or wants to resist charms of the suave Maurice. As the weekend progresses, and the drunker they get over dinner, their friendship is strained. The situation gets out of control and at times they appear emotionally unhinged.

The resulting humour becomes farcical, at times bordering on slapstick. The characters become more like caricatures, with exaggerated mannerisms and gestures. 
In contrast, the new maid Saunders, remains calmly efficient throughout propounding her knowledge on all subjects from golf to African tribes, classical music and French! 


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