Don’t lose your right to vote – register or update your details now on the Electoral Register
21st October 2013
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If you live in Cheltenham your household should have already received a voter registration form. This is your chance to confirm or update your details and register any new eligible voters. (Remember – although 18 is the legal voting age, everyone over the age of 16 should be registered now.)  

The voter registration form is also the place to request a postal vote if that’s easier for anyone in your household. And, if you don’t want your details to be bought by commercial organisations but you still want your say in local and national elections, you can indicate that you want to opt out of the edited register.

Take a few minutes NOW to complete this vital document. If your details haven’t changed, keeping your right to vote is even easier as you can reply by text, Freephone or internet.

See more details on voting registration on the Cheltenham Borough Council website.


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