Cheltenham has a New Mayor!
16th May 2013
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The Mayor chairs the council and represents the Borough at many local business and charity events throughout the year. This year, the new mayor has decided to focus her fundraising efforts towards: Gloucestershire Victim Support, the Hester's Way Neighbourhood Project and the Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association.

Mayor Wendy Flynn said:

 “Cheltenham is my home, and has given me so much that it is impossible to express the delight I feel at being able to represent the town in this very special way. I can truly say, with complete sincerity, and from the heart, this is a privilege and it is a great honour. One of Cheltenham Borough Council's primary objectives is to strengthen our communities - I would like to take that objective and have ‘community’ as my theme for the mayoral year. I hope to challenge some of the preconceptions about certain areas of Cheltenham with events that will appeal to many and bring residents from across the town together as one community.

My chosen charities carry out valuable work in the community that benefit every one of us directly or indirectly. I am looking forward to working with all three charities over the next year. Already in the planning phase are a number of fundraising events including a Real Ale Trail, that has the support of CAMRA; 'A Night in the Cells', a sponsored Christmas morning swim at the Lido, and a coach trip to Stonehenge to see the sunrise on the morning of the Winter Solstice

I hope many will come to some of the events the Mayor’s Charities will be putting on and the host of events that Cheltenham does so well.


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