Plumbing tips for winter to help keep you warm and dry
18th December 2014
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  1. If you’re going away for a few days don’t be tempted to turn your heating off! You may want to save money but if your pipes freeze and burst you may lose a lot more than a few pounds spent on heating. Instead, leave the heating on low (or on frost watch if you have it) and enjoy your holiday knowing your house will be safe from frost damage.
  2. If you’re lucky enough to be spending the winter abroad then turn the water off all together in your house and thoroughly drain the system so that there is no water in the pipes left to freeze while you are away.
  3. If your water tank doesn’t already have one then seriously consider fitting it with an insulating jacket or insulating material to give it extra protection from cold
  4. If you have exposed pipes (look under the sink and in the loft) make sure you put some insulation on them (you can get foam to go around pipes or try and get some pipe lagging)
  5. If your house seems quite cold then go around and see if you can find any obvious areas where the heat can get out. If you feel a breeze as you’re going around then try and fill it or cover it to help with heat retention.
  6. If you have a leaky tap that you’ve been meaning to get fixed but have never quite gotten around to then now is the time to take action. A leaking tap means that the water in the tap and pipes is much more likely to freeze which in turn could lead to frozen and burst pipes!
  7. If your radiators are producing patchy, uneven or lower heat levels than normal they probably need bleeding. This is something that can be done by yourself, but a plumber will be able to do it quicker and easier (and might be cheaper if something goes wrong doing it yourself).

If you’ve had problems with your heating and plumbing or if you have a leaky tap then why not contact Ian Goodwin and let him sort out all your plumbing and heating needs.

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