Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story
3rd September 2013
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As a child I have memories of my elder sister's boyfriend being a lookalike Buddy Holly (or Hank Marvin - who could tell?) but Ididn't know too mcuh about his life.  It was only listening to his music in Buddy that made me realise what a terrific infuence he had on later major groups such as Cliff Richard and the Shadows, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles to name a few.  We have even had shows named after his songs such as Heartbeat and Oh Boy.

That aside it was simply a brilliant performance by a very talented and enthusiastic cast, headed up by Roger Rowley playing Buddy Holly in tonight's performance.  The audience were clearly involved right from the start, singing away and clapping to songs even without encouragement from the performers.
If you want to start the autumn with a lively and engaging trip to the theatre then Buddy - the Buddy Holly Story - is the one for you. 
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