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At a time when local charities, voluntary and community groups are finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds we're here to help. Without our support many local organisations would struggle to survive and provide the badly needed services that make a difference to so many peoples lives.

We approach local businesses for assistance in a variety of different ways but all with the end result of supporting vital local groups. Many local charities and community groups have benefited from our efforts in providing much needed support in many different ways.

Chelmsford 4 Good is the link between individuals, the business community and local good causes by providing the connection where resources,time, skills and money can be deployed to maximum effect. We approach local businesses……

Contact us today to find out how local businesses and individuals can help those who support less fortunate members of our community.

Giving Employee Time

A number of local companies already have a scheme whereby staff are encouraged to volunteer for a day a year while on company time. It’s known as employee volunteering but here in Chelmsford we call it Giving Employee Time or GET, and it’s a great way for companies to Give to the local community.

GET and Give

Could you give your staff a little bit of paid time off to give to a community project? Contact: Chelmsford 4 Good our charity project that works to encourage local businesses to support local charities with time, resources, equipment and skills.

To find out more visit:  or call 01245 280731

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