• 45 New London Road
    United Kingdom
    CM2 0ND
At Shwings, we believe in providing the freshest ingredients coupled with the most authentic tastes from one of our favourite locations around the world.

Mark Strutton has been in the catering business since he was a child, growing up with his family's restaurant. He began working there at all levels, and now, after years of experience in the industry, he's ready to open Shwings—the brainchild of a family whose history is as long and successful as any in the restaurant business.

With quick delivery and top-notch food, Mark offers the freshest ingredients and the most genuine flavors from one of his favorite places in the world. The main office of Shwings is conveniently situated close to Chelmsford's city center at 45 New London Road. With hours of operation from noon to 10:30 p.m., it's also the ideal spot at any time of day!

For Mark and his team, the restaurant's atmosphere and experience are just as vital as its food. A lot of attention has been paid to the musical ambiance (you'll hear live music at night), "shack"-style interior design, modern lighting, and fixtures that give you the impression that you're visiting an old friend who wants nothing more than your company.

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