Why should businesses in Carlisle pay the price for vandalism?
30th January 2010
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I called round this morning to see the guys at Indigo Indian restaurant, on Denton Street.  Great restaurant, and great staff too.


At some time during the night someone saw fit to spray red paint over the windows, walls and door - a particularly childish piece of vandalism, carried out under cover of darkness, and it just left me wondering what might motivate someone to do this.  (3rd time it's happened, by the way).  We rationalise things from an educated perspective, and understand that these kids must really be operating well down the evolutionary chain when it comes to life choices and value systems, but you know what?  There's also a part of me which hopes that they might learn to rationalise things in 20 years time, when someone takes a key to their car.


The only people who earn respect for spraying on walls are Banksy and his ilk, but this idle observation will do nothing to remove the likelihood of another daubing of paint in Denton Street.  Maybe it's time for a couple of cameras to be installed - what do you reckon?

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