What do you love about Social Media?
10th October 2010
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What do you love about Social Media? 
Each day, tens of thousands of people in each town throughout the UK are connecting with each other, posting and viewing content, creating blogs, and leaving comment, content and videos using a variety of platforms - collectively known as Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Messenger, Flickr and a whole load more too.

The pace of development within Social Media seems to be accelerating these days, with Facebook overtaking Google for page views early this year, and 2010 statistics just leaving 2009 in the dust. 

If you're new to what's happening in the world beyond email on the Internet, have a look at this clip.

The interesting thing here is that as the world moves online (50% of the world's population is now under the age of 30), a whole new set of rules and etiquette has evolved for corporate marketers to follow - create a bad impression here and it goes global.  Instantly.

Just on the screen is the news that Facebook's photo service received a king-sized upgrade yesterday, with the arrival of the ability to upload and download high res images (Up to 2048 x 2048 pixels) in size.

Not only does this make Facebook an attractive portfolio sharing site for artists, designers, photographers, etc., but it also allows user to make quality prints.
For the full story, click here:

Let us know what you think - tag your comments to this blog and let's start the whole Social Media ball rolling!

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