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5th December 2009
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Given our recent inclement weather (We had a shower or two, in case you hadn't heard), we're going to see many of our smaller independent retailers from Appleby across to Workington finding it very difficult to survive, and it's these very retailers who give our towns their distinctive retail character and broaden our choice as consumers too.


Personally, I love this diversity of choice, and while I've nothing against a competitive retail environment, I'll always support the independents where I can.


So.  Back to the floods.  I'm going to use Cockermouth as an example, but we could just as easily replace this town with Appleby, or Keswick, or Workington..


Cockermouth is an attractive, local market town - each shop in the main street, distinctively different; oozing character. delivering choice, and it's the independent retail sector who provide these building blocks for this unique town.  Take them away and much of the character disapppears too - replaced by a uniformity more common in larger towns throughout the UK.


Unfortunately, many of these independents can't survive huge knocks like this.  Cash flow is critical.  My hope here is that this message gets through to enough people who really do care, and who are prepared to give their assistance to their local, independent retailers. 


Please, please, please.  Buy local, and support your local independent retailer.  If there's a "Made in Cumbria" tent at your local outdoor market, give them your support.

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