Renewable energy in Carlisle - for or against?
10th October 2009
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Locally, the village of Cumwhinton, near Carlisle has come under the spotlight followiing the agreement of a local farmer to supply land for the installation of 3 wind turbines, close to residential properties.


As you can imagine, opposition from residents has been intense, with fundraising activities to pay for serious legal opposition to the plans.


The above is link to a DTI factsheet on the subject, setting out some of the advantages.  This is a 2001 Paper, and things have changes along the way (Including the Government fudging the obligations agreed to by Tony Blair in 2007 to meet EU targets of a 20% contribution to energy from renewables by 2020)


Guardian link on the subject:


However the politics is played out, the fact remains that on the fringes of the Lakes District, the open landscapes are being viewed as potential sites for the siting of wind turbines, and they will arrive, despite the opposition.


What's the alternative?




My own early views on renewable energy were shaped by an involvement with green issues, some 30 years ago.  These views were moderated somewhat during a four year period employed by BNFL, at Sellafield.  I left Sellafield shortly after a serious discharge of radioactive effluent to the Irish Sea ocurred - I suppose I've seen both sides of the argument.  I have my own views, but I'd be keen to hear what others think.

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