Recession? What recession?
15th November 2009
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Recession?  What recession?


As the owner of TheBestOfCarlisle, I spend my time promoting great local businesses, and I try and keep my ear to the ground for all kinds of developments across all business sectors.  In the recession of the early 90's, I steered a business through some very difficult trading conditions, and I'm well aware that some businesses buck the trend and manage to thrive in these conditions.


We're probably all aware of local newspaper headlines, announcing the closure of yet another city pub or club, and without a doubt the easy availability of cheap supermarket booze hasn't helped, but within this difficult market sector, Club 35 are capitalising on their successful launch, with the opening of Trio's Restaurant on 15th November.


This begs the question - "What are Club 35 offering which others in Carlisle aren't?", and I suppose the short answer to this is "Lots!"


Under one roof, they've hit the mark with a combination of good bars, relaxed atmosphere, live music, and great prices, and you can now expect to see some great, top quality menus targetting lunches, early dining, evening and Christmas bookings too.  


Where Club 35 are offering something different is that you can now combine a restaurant meal with an evening's live music, or simply relax afterwards in a great setting, without the city centre walk, drive, bus or taxi involved.  In a nutshell, they've got their marketing just right, and it's great to see a local business doing so well.


For more information about Club 35 please click here

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