Public sector spending cuts in Family Law will hit Cumbria's rural communities; Carlisle escapes the worst
10th October 2010
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We are very lucky here on thebestof Carlisle to have the hugely experienced Bendles Solicitors who specialise in the area of Family Law.


In the field of UK family law, solicitors now have to apply through tender to deliver these services (Commencing 14th October) against a background of public sector budget cuts. 


The number of UK family providers (Solicitors) delivering Legal Aid through Family Law has now been reduced by 46%, from 2400 to 1300.


The successful applicants in any family law procurement area are now the firms with the highest application performance results (based upon a variety of criteria, such as experience, qualifications, and competence to deliver, etc.). 


In the Procurement Area of Carlisle and Eden (Including Carlisle), Bendles Solicitors have been ranked No.1 in this Area.

This is great news for Carlisle families, and an obvious recommendation for Bendles, but what might this mean in practice?

Firstly, we can expect the reduced funding available to result in more complex cases to be  treated in a routine manner (Less money - less qualified personnel), and we can also expect rural areas to lose out against towns like Carlisle.

This, against the back-drop of our politicians proclaiming no cuts in frontline public services.  I thought frontline services might also include children's welfare - or am I missing something here?


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