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7th April 2010
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You Tube has some fantastic clips which I thought you would find exciting/riveting/scary/thrilling (delete any not applicable).


Take a look and if you have anything interesting, send me the link to and I'll include them



Just watch what the Swiss are up to on The Grimselpass - even the motor bikes can't keep up.


Wingsuit Base-Jumping.  Many years ago, I travelled to Florida for a free-fall licence.  I thought that was quite scary enough until seeing this stuff.


Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill Scary and yet beautiful stuff on a bicycle in Edinburgh.


Techno Jeep, by Julian Smith

Music to our ears.  2 weeks of practice to bring a Jeep to life.


Here's some serious Beatboxing.  Beardyman on TV


Dynamite Surfing Copenhagen - Quicksilver's Viral Marketing Campaign


.........and the sequel


C2C - at the 2005 DMC Competition.
A stunning piece of footage of what can be achieved on decks.


For those of you who thought Inspired Bicycles was inspiring, just have a look at this clip.

Matt Gilman, blind cyclist shows how he's coped with his disability.  Truly inspiring.


Anyone for a spot of volcano surfing?


"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the's the surfing sheep!

A link sent across from our Spanish Member of The Best Of Carlisle, Montserrat (Rat) Salas. 
Nice one, Rat.  Keep them coming."

That's all for the moment,


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