Carbunkle or just a load of bunkum? Caldewgate Sainsburys' plans not good enough for Carlisle councillors
20th June 2010
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Carbunkle or just a load of bunkum?

Caldewgate Sainsburys' plans not good enough for Carlisle councillors

The Cumberland News' Political Editor, Julian Whittle reported recently that plans for a new Sainsburys supermarket were on hold because it wasn't sufficiently aesthetically pleasing.

The proposed £40m superstore is now, quite literally, back on the drawing whilst planning officers try and negotiate a better design to stop the store’s “box-like” appearance.

In an area where economic regeneration is sorely needed the new store would bring the prospect of 500 jobs, it is somewhat galling to hear that councillors such as Conservative David Morton say: “I fully support Sainsbury’s coming to Carlisle but I won’t be part of a stampede to get them at any cost. We have to have Sainsbury’s on terms acceptable to the public.” when by all accounts the planning application was submitted over a year ago.

I am not au fait with the machinations of local government, but it seems to me that a year is a very long time for this to be in the pipeline for the application to be then put on hold because the exterior doesn't appeal to some. Can someone please explain at what stage does the facade become apparent to all involved?

If Carlisle's councillors missed this rather large detail, then they should be up front and honest about it and make efforts to get it sorted. There is huge public support for Sainsburys in Carlisle; indeed there were only 12 objections, one of which came from Tesco.

If the plans are aproved, Sainsbury has agreed to give more than £1m for road and environmental improvements.

Caldewgate Councillor, Jim Tootle (Liberal Democrat) said in a statement of support to be read to the development control committee: “A £40m investment in one of the most deprived areas of the city will bring jobs and training opportunities. It would kick start the regeneration of the area.”

The earliest the plan can go before councillors again is July 16. And assuming it does receive the blessing of the "Aesthetic Committee" it will still have to be referred to the Government Office North West for a possible public inquiry.

Jo Try, Sainsbury’s regional development executive, was disappointed with the outcome.

And So Are Carlisle Residents!

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