West Wales Dog Rescue
West Wales Dog Rescue
  • West Wales Dog Rescue,
    21 Pendre,
    SA43 1JT
West Wales Dog Rescue is a registered and local charity in Cardigan which is located opposite the Pendre Fish and Chip shop. As a charity, West Wales Dog Rescue aims to help and rescue dogs in need and ultimately send dogs to their new forever homes.


Moving their charity shop 50 yards over the road from their old shop has proved to be successful for West Wales Dog Rescue financially as they have been able to start a number of new schemes within the charity. There is garden behind the shops for dogs to play around in. Dogs are also welcome in the shop.

All the money that is being made within their shop goes towards paying for animal welfare. None of the staff are paid as they are working on a voluntary basis.

They are always looking for new volunteers who have a genuine love of animals, a good sense of humour, patience, a bit of common sense and a highly tuned sense of loyalty and respected.


Some dogs like to snooze during the day whilst other like to be active. Whatever their preferences, all dogs need to understand: behavioural requirements, toileting, lead etiquette and when to be on their best behaviour.

West Wales Dog Rescue has a lot of experience and may be able to help you with any problems with your dog(s). They also have contacts with the Dog Training and Behaviourist world. 

Treats and Rewards are useful tools when training a dog - especially if you keep a "high value" treat just for training times.


Dogs in rescue can be cared for in three ways: Staying with their original family, live in kennels, live in a foster homes. All of these options have both pros and cons. You can read all about these pros and cons in detail on West Wales Dog Rescue's website.


You can sponsor a kennel at West Wales Dog Rescue for just £5 per month. (individuals, businesses or in memory of a loved one).

You can also become a sponsor of West Wales Dog Rescue for £10 per year and they will send you a quarterly newsletter and a little gift as a thank you.


People can support the charity and help dogs in need by knitting or sewing coats of different types of sizes as part of the 'Knit a dog a coat competition'. It is entirely up to the person knitting the coat what pattern they want to use.


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