Tir coed
Tir coed
  • Tir Coed,
    Denmark Farm,
    Betws Bledrws,
    SA48 8PB
    SA48 8PB
A charity that works to improve the quality of life for rural communities in Wales through trees and woodlands in order to sustain and enhance their social, economic, ecological and cultural value for the future.

SinceĀ 2007, as a charitable company Tir Coed has engaged hundreds of people in environmental voluntary activities with great success. Tir Coed utilises the woodland resource as a tool to develop the personal, social and vocational skills of those involved.

Tir Coed does not own any of its own woodlands but works in partnership with other organisations so that the Tir Coed voluntary groups improve woodlands and nature reserves with public access, improving natural resources and facilities for the wider community.

Tir Coed's aims are to:

  • Tailor its initatives to best meet the needs of disadvantaged young people.
  • Promote local community involvement in woodland linitatives that deliver social, economic and health benefits.
  • Develop skills, networks and knowledge that will enable woodlands to be used as a catalyst for local sustainable development.
  • Seek partners with whom to deliver woodland initatives and form links and partnerships with other social, health and continuing education project in Wales.
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