Aberaeron Parish Church
Aberaeron Parish Church
  • Holy Trinity Parish Office,
    The Vicarage,
    Panteg Road,
    SA46 0EP
This church is open on most days and people are always more than welcome to come in and have a look around.

Welcome to a service

When you enter the main inner doors of the church you will be greeted (usually by one of our church Wardens). Afterwards one of our stewards will hand you a songbook and a service sheet or service book to follow during the service.

Whether you need creche facilities or need to find the toilets, someone will be nearby to help you.

People are free to sit wherever they wish to within the main part of the church.

Dress Code

There is no need to worry about finding something suitable to wear to the church as there is no set dress code in place.

The majority of people do turn up dressing tidily, whilst some will dress casually and other more formally.

Type of service

This depends on which service people choose to attend, however, there is no reason for people to feel out of place at any of our services.

During most services there will be times when everyone is invited to stand up or sit. If you are unsure about what you should do the easiest thing is simply to follow everyone else. No one will mind if you prefer to stay seated. 

Communion Service

At some point during a communion service, those participating will move to the front of the church to receive bread and wine. If you normally receive this when in your own church, you are welcome to come forward.

Some people prefer to stay in their seats and it is fine for you to do the same. You should not feel out of place if you choose to stay in your seat at this time. 

Music and Message

You will experience a range of music from traditional hymns to modern christian songs and hear Bible based messages that can help you deal with real life issues. Bibles are available in each pew and if you wish to use them to follow readings, page numbers are stated before each reading begins. 


This parish is a Safe from Harm organisation and works within the guidelines of the Church in Wales. If you are visiting the church and bringing children, they are very welcome to attend one of the Sunday School classes. For more information, see the children's page. 


The offering (or collection) is for those who are part of the Church family. You are free to contribute if you wish; however please do not feel obliged to do so. 

Social Interaction