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We have used amp for some time and the standard of their service has been exceptionally high. We have zero nuisance calls and all genuine calls always get directed to the right people, it's like they are integrated into our own business as extra staff. Great value too! 10/10, Cardiff

We were originally looking to employ a person to answer our calls and then we were very lucky to be made aware of AMP. Setting up the service with them was very straightforward and our internal productivity has definitely improved since we have been their customer as they filter out all the nuisance calls, so we save a lot of time not having to deal with these. Adrian and Delyth are both extremely helpful and friendly as are all of the team at AMP, and all of them are very good at making sure ALL our important calls are directed to the right people. Any additional services we have requested from them were provided without delays or problems and I feel that they are an integral part of our team. I would highly recommend them to anybody as I feel they are the go-to people for this type of service. Thank you AMP for being part of our team!