To Tweet or not to Tweet?
14th December 2009
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Social media seems to be growing at a real gallop and is now strongly perceived as an excellent business tool.

Now I am not on Facebook and I don't use Twitter - I know I am out of step but whilst this form of social interaction is at a gallop, I am content for now to canter in my more private world.

I have to confess that I don't really get it...please someone explain the merits to me - explain what I am missing and I can then make an informed decision. 

I appreciate I am probably a flat-earther on this one and will probably be proved massively wrong but I think it will have a shelf life of a few years tops before the next must do/have activity by phone/net takes over and who knows maybe I'll wait for that bandwagon.

I am fully aware there are always two bookends on these things but I read the other day that a groom reportedly interrupted his own wedding to update his status on Facebook and Twitter.  As the minister pronounced the couple man and wife, the groom whipped out his mobile to Tweet: "Standing at the altar with Tracy Page where, just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride" He then handed his wife the phone so she could change her Facebook profile from "in a relationship" to "married".

Hey, I can remember the days when you lived your own life not acted as a conduit for everyone else - but then I am ancient and old fashioned and still on some things happily living in the Dark Ages.

I rock in the tree tops all day long....tweet, tweet.

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