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21st July 2016
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Who are Challenge Wales?

Challenge wales are a Welsh based charity that offer young people between 12-25 year old's regardless of background an opportunity to sail their 72ft yacht and help build their confidence and skills by taking them out to different locations around the UK and abroad. They are the only charity that does sailing experiences in Wales so what better way to use up your free time than to help a Welsh and local charity.


But I'm older than 25, can I still volunteer?

You don't have to be 12-25 to be able to go on these sailing trips, you can still volunteer as part of Challenge Wales's crew.
They have crew members that range from 25 up to 72 years old.


Do I have to have sailing experience?

 You don't have to have sailing experience to be part of their crew. They have crew members who are teachers, business persons, builders and you'd be taught and involved with all aspects of sailing, from raising sails and sailing the ship to cooking and cleaning.


What do I get out of it?

It's a great opportunity to pursue an interest in sailing, broaden your horizons, go and see different locations around the UK and abroad , develop your skills and confidence and most of all help young people build their skills and gain more confidence in themselves and what they do. 


Challenge Wales do amazing work with young people and if you want to know more about them, meet them this summer at the Harbour Festival in Cardiff Bay or follow this link here. 

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