Swine Flu cause for concern or conspiracy theory?
1st September 2009
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Just a quick blog today. 

Following on from my conspiracy theory blog that average speed cameras do not prosecute......I have heard an interesting theory independently from two different people about Swine Flu.

So what of the great pandemic - will this autumn see mass deaths across Wales, the UK, the World.  Probably not.

According to some,  the purpose of the Swine Flu focus was just to distract the people of the World from their concerns on the recession.  Build up this terrible disease and keep everyone worrying about their health not their bank balances.  Hmm.  Not sure this stacks up but certainly the death and infection toll is not huge (surely more people are injured and die on the motorways everyday which is never reported) the symptons are so vague that people can think any infection is Swine Flu!  Even so the numbers in Wales and the UK considering the resources that have been made available is disproportionate.

Of course you could you could use the pink elephant logic.

Q:  Why are you banging that dustbin lid?

A:  To scare all the pink elephants out of Britain

Q:  But there aren't any pink elephants in Britain!

A:  Just proves it's working then.

So, obviously I don't want anyone to contract Swine Flu but I am struggling to believe that a genuine pandemic exists rather than just a nasty strain of flu that is 'doing the rounds.'

Do you know anyone who has had swine flu or perhaps we should all visit Celtic Tools  and arm ourselves with dustbin lids...... 

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