Slippery Cardiff City Centre
27th August 2009
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Yesterday I had to pop into town to the Millennium Stadium to an IntroBiz meeting and it was in the afternoon when the rain was persistent...

Anyway, not long after passing one of our clients the excellent Valentino's Restaurant in Windsor Place, I arrived in Queen Street.  Then the nightmare began....

As I was in a suit I had proper shoes on ie. ones with a leather sole.  Well, before I arrived in Queen's Street I thought they were shoes... when I got to Queen Street it felt like I was wearing ice skates!

For the majority of Queen Street and certainly around the capital shopping centre there are smooth tiles with no grip.  I had to slowly and gingerly navigate these tiles as my shoes were slipping everywhere. I could have had a serious accident. Now I know why there are often ambulance chasers in Queeen St asking if you have had an accident or fall!!!

It really was lethal and there wasn't even the additional hazard of wet leaves.  So I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with this issue, please post a comment and it will endorse that I am not alone (ie. it is not just my shoes)  and I will then begin a campaign to Cardiff Council to re-consider these particular slippery tiles before the good people of Cardiff break their necks!!

Any thoughts anyone?

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