Media drive recession - but why?
7th September 2008
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What is driving our media? It seems to me that they now have more power in some respects than the government! They are inexorably driving the UK into a recession.

But why? Does it improve audience figures, sell more papers - I just don't get it.

By championing bad news economy stories for months and the crunch...the tales of woe have been relentless. Granted we had a brief respite to celebrate the good news and success of team GB at the Olympics but normal service has since been resumed.

What do you think?

For me the slow down in June was a natural bringing forward by businesses and individuals of the traditionally quiet summer period. Let's hang fire and see how things look in September but the media have just kept the gloom going and as Pete is not spending with Fred and Fred is not spending with Sally and Sally is not spending with Harry... bang recession. Surely, the media is not benefitting from a slow down so why encourage it to happen. Any thoughts?

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