Cyber Threats with A2Z Computing
14th July 2016
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Last Thursday at Bridging Wales we had Az from A2Z computing talk about Cyber threats and what they can cause and do to you and your business.

But what threats do these cyber criminals pose? A high threat especially for your business and its precious data.

The talk itself was very informative and made most of the people in the room re-think their security for their devices and online services.
But what can cyber criminal do to you? A lot. Here's a few methods they use to attack your security and data.


You can get free encryption software to protect your data but there are some out there that can cause more damage than good.
Many online servers and companies are able to encrypt your files on your computer or online storage facilities and hold you to ransom. Obviously some people do pay the ransom but don't get their files un-encrypted. Your best solution is to get in contact with your server or a computer system business and explain the situation to them or wipe your system clean of anything and make sure that you have an up-to date back up of your system (with out the encryption virus) before re-installing everything.

Website Hacking and Payloads:

Many people think that websites are protected all the time but there are some cases where they can be hacked and cause damage to people using those sites. One case is where malicious software and be left on a certain part of the website for example and advertisement box. if a person clicks on that box the software will then leave a payload onto that persons device causing them to have problems. Hacked Websites can also cause a DOS (Deny of Service) which can cause the website and servers to crash to the fast amount of information and data processed.

Cyber criminals can also leave payloads on abandoned or new USB Drives. Some leave USB's abandoned and when someone picks it up and puts it into their computer it leaves a nasty payload. Same can be said for new USB's, this doesn't apply to all new USB's but there are some that have been bought by businesses to give out to the public and during the manufacturing process they have been made to carry payloads.

Data Leakage:

Data leakage can happen in a variety of ways from some remotely access your computer or device to some one inserting a hard drive into your laptop and taking information that way.
This usually happens when colleagues fall out with each other or want to take information and hold it for ransom.


Many people have millions of passwords for different sites but there are some out there that just stick to one or two passwords. Although that is a convenient way to access accounts it is also convenient for cyber criminals to access multiple accounts from those few passwords. To make sure you don't succumb to attack, you should use different passwords or variants of them to protect your accounts better. Also using Lasspass will ensure that your passwords are safe and will not get attacked by cyber criminals

There are ways of protecting your computer and devices by using the most up to date security software such as Sofos. Sofos can protect your apple and PC devices from malicious software and encryption. Also using lasspass to protect your passwords and using true key where you can sign into anything with just your finger print.

If you want more information about A2Z computing follow this link below.

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