Christmas Revelry Leads to Employees Pulling Sickies
29th October 2013
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We work hard all year – for the most part – so are entitled to let our hair down and enjoy a tipple. However, it is often not until the morning after when you realise that perhaps that thirteenth sherry wasn’t such a good idea. So what do you do? Drag yourself into work like a bear with a sore head, well that’s what you should do, or maybe not drink so much in the first place, but many employees are calling in sick and spending the day in bed.

Roughly one-fifth of full-time, salaried employees admit to calling in sick so they can simply enjoy a day off, with 39% admitting to spending it in bed. A recent survey highlights the negative impact that unauthorised sickness absence has on the workforce, with 57% of respondents recognising that colleagues who have taken time off affect productivity. This is precisely where AnswerMyPhone can step in and protect your efficiency during the busiest time of the year for many businesses. The beauty of the call answering service provided by AnswerMyPhone is that it can be employed on an entirely ad hoc basis, so we are more than happy to provide you with just a few weeks of call answering service if that’s all you require.

A possible solution for the problem of unauthorised sick days, which will undoubtedly receive the full backing of the working populous, is for an increase in the amount of paid leave. Absolutely. What a fine idea. We all know that British citizens have the rather onerous reputation as the hardest working in Europe, working longer hours and receiving fewer breaks. Well to top it off, it appears we don’t enjoy as much paid time off as our continental colleagues. The average worker in the UK receives 25 days paid holiday a year, which is rather disappointingly five days less than the number enjoyed by residents of other EU countries – and steady yourself for this, 11 fewer than the amount enjoyed by the French. Sacrebleu! A lesser writer would bring up something to do with the war, and maybe that all these days holiday go some way to explain how they managed to get themselves in such a muddle, but not on my shift.

To ensure too much Christmas revelry does not affect the productivity of your business, contact Our telephone answering service will provide you with bright and energetic customer service professionals to ensure you never miss a call.

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