Childhood Memories
25th April 2011
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Well if you had asked me yesterday when the last time I seen my dad run i wouldn't have had an answer , ask me today and I have memories of when I was a child flooding in. All these sparked by yet another incident at the farm.
Number 3 had just been born and it was time to move him to the pen, as before its easy to get the lamb there but not the ewe. Me and dad gently walked the rest of the flock to one corner of the feild and then stood there like scarecrows making our bodies as large as possible. Uncle Steve then quietly crept in to get the lamb hoping when he had her the ewe would follow as somehow that's the case for the friend of his who has been our life line when where unsure but needless to say this doesn't seem to be the case for us. So away Steve went keeping the lamb as close to the floor as possible to leave a sent trail for the mother, he placed the lamb in the pen then it was time to sit out of sight and hope the mum followed. Again this wasn't the case. So it was time to all slowly try to walk next to her and behind her to get her in the right direction but she started to run and shot stragit to the flock that's when we had to give chase we dint want to lose her in the crowd.
It started as a slow chase just a gentle jog but quickly in creased to as sprint, it was at that exact  moment I realised wow I hadn't seen my dad run in over 10 years we were all running round like headless chicken's around and around I think this must have made dad dizzy as next thing I knew I seen him air born he had tripped on a rut and was in a dive, It almost looked like he was a goal keeper trying to save a ball but i must say for and 'Older Guy' (That's going to get me in trouble if he reads this) he landed it well and made a quick recovery. Frinaly we had her cornered on her own but she mad a dash for it past Steve, he leapt and  mid-air he caught hold of her wool and rolled as he landed making sure he didn't land on her,he landed in brambles with the sheep on top of him finally we put her in with her baby where she is now and both are doing well...
The whole scenario left me with memories from Nash point lighthouse  where mum and dad would take us in the summer. There would be loads of us my sisters and brother, all the cousins few aunts and uncles nan and bamps . We would have a big BBQ and all run around and play football and rugby.  The one picture I had in my head was dad diving for a ball when he was in goal and missing it. Today had brought all this back up and if we didn't have to chase that ewe I may have never thought of it a gain.
Thanks for reading Vijay
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