Average Speed Cameras true or false?
19th August 2009
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OK they have been around for years now but has anyone, anyone been fined and given points for travelling too fast in an average speed camera restriction.

Please post a comment if you have - it's just that yep we have either ourselves or we know someone that has been caught and prosecuted by fixed speed cameras or mobile speed cameras but I have never come across anyone who has been done by an average speed camera.

I really must check with the two people I know who talk to the most drivers - Tim Arnott our mobile valet guy or John Enticott our mobile mechanic as someone must know someone.

The reason for my curiosity is sparked by the inordinate lengths of 40 or 50 mph average restricted stretches such as the enormous ones currently on the M25.  They are so frustrating and so difficult to comply with at times and you drive erratically in fear to try and recover if you have gone over. 

Also, when a new camera appears for a slip road for example is the average taken for your car for the small distance since the last camera or since you joined the original camera at the beginning of the resticted area.

Information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Please ask around and see if you can find some unfortunate devil that has been prosecuted or are the cameras merely an elaborate way to make people drive more slowly......answers on a postcard.

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