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17th June 2015
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I recently attended a networking meeting where I meta guy called James from a company called Ad Hoc Property, When I asked James what he did to say I was impressed was an understatement, it wasn't his job it was the concept that impressed me, it something that Wales needs.
Whenever I see buildings like churches, schools and pubs becoming empty it make me a little sad because you know it is going to lead to worse problems for an area. The buildings start to suffer from vandalism and/or get boarded up, which leads to crime which cause low property price and it snowballs from there. 
Back to Ad Hoc their concept is simple if you have an empty property like a church, pub, nursing home, farm or school you can board it up while you wait to sell or develop  it, in which case it can quickly fall to rack and ruin through lack of maintenance or vandalism or you can let Ad Hoc manage the property for you (as long as its water and weather tight). Ad Hoc will adapt a property (like put in a temporary shower) to make it liveable and then rent out the space to guardians. The guardians get to live in a unique property for a reduce rent and bills and the property gets looked after.  There are rules for the guardians to follow like they have to have a job and keep the place tidy and they must be able to leave in 28 days notice.
So the landlord gets a property thats looked after for free no fees to board a property up, a guardian get reduced rents and the local area doesn't suffer, win win win.
For more information email James j.loy@adhoc.eu
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