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21st September 2010
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My other half has developed back problems in recent years - a keen horse rider, she took a tumble a few years back and cracked her coccyx - a good degree painful by all accounts.

She's fit and healthy but still has a few niggles in her lower back which she'd like to sort out in a preventative way. She attends an osteopath intermittently, but recognises that she could also do more to increase her core strength and therefore support the damaged area in her back.

I've agreed to go along to Back Fit Clinic and Pilates centre with her, run by the lovely Elizabeth Rugg-Easey. This was driven initially on the recommendation of our very own Paul Williams here at thebestof Canterbury, but we were further encouraged by the glowing testimonials other clients have lodged on thebestof Canterbury.

It's also no coincidence that Elizabeth is a keen rider herself, and understands the impact (literally) this has on the back, and offers tailored training specifically for Rider Fitness.

From pilates to personal training, boxercise to sports therapy, Back Fit Clinic and Pilates focuses on body-wellbeing, also tackling weight loss and posture issues.

I'm looking forward to our taster sessions - we're starting off with pilates - then I'm planning on moving into boxercise classes for a more high-octane work out.

It's a good while since I've done any organised training - I usually go out on my bike - so it'll be interesting to see how well I take orders! I've felt slightly out of place before when I've tried often-female-dominated fitness classes, but I'm very aware now that more of these sessions are accessible to both genders.

Gone are the stereo-typical leg-warmers and aerobics workouts epitomized by oh-so-many fitness videos of the past (thank goodness).
I'm ready for the new generation of fitness classes - bring on the burn!



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