Get Back Fit with London Marathon runner Elizabeth Rugg-Easey
21st April 2011
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Is Elizabeth Rugg-Easy back fit, or Back-Fit? Actually, she's both: passionate about getting your back fit for purpose, improving posture, pain, balance and wellbeing. And Liz is back fit from COMPLETING the London Marathon in an excellent time.


Knowing Liz, she probably barely broke into a healthy glow as she glided through the tens of thousands to record a time that most would give their back teeth for.


Two things about Liz's achievement and this is common to all marathon runners - do they realise that the original marathon runner, Pheidippides, upon delivering his message from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, allegedly dropped dead from exhaustion? Madness to imitate him!


Secondly, if you've ever wondered why the distance is 26 miles, 385 yards (an imperial measurement clue there), it was because in the 1908 London Olympic Games, the marathon distance was changed to 26.2 miles to cover the ground from Windsor Castle to White City stadium, with the 2.2 miles added on so the race could finish in front of royal family's viewing box.


This added two miles to the course, and is the origin of the more modern Marathon tradition of shouting "God save the Queen!" or more recently "I've hit the wall - save me" as mile post 24 is passed. Talk about going the extra mile (or two, in this instance).


So, if you're wearing your feet on your face and we all do, speak to Liz and she'll go the extra mile to have you back fitter than before! Forget Pheidippides and embrace Pilates instead!


Check out Liz’s company Back Fit Clinic and Pilates and take a look at the fantastic testimonials from people she has helped.

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