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Skeletons UK, Cannock

I found Luke Williams and UK Skeletons after much searching on the internet after much 'what to do' thinking over how to deal with losing my faithful companion 'and how to lay him at peaceful rest' of nearly 14 years; Terry the terrible terrier. I was truly struggling coming to terms with losing Terry and Luke was my answer. Luke called and collected Terry for me. He was more than very understanding 'empathetic' to how I was feeling 'not coping' with Terry being no longer at my and me at his side. From the onset of meeting Luke I knew and sensed immediately I did not need to go into any details at all of what needed doing as he talked through with me his services. So, Terry left to be prepared to come back to me 'Resting in Peace' on his favourite pillow. When Terry came home some months later, the finishing, the attention to detail was so precise I could not thank Luke enough for what he had given and done for Terry and given me. His final resting place, in 100% comfort and warmth of being inside his home and once more taking pride of place again in here. And that is why I came to Luke - I could not handle at all Terry being outside in hole in my garden or sending him away to pet crematoriums to receive back a bag of ashes that could too contain several other animals remains. If you want a really extra personal service, real professionalism, to meet a kind, caring person that has empathy and understanding, who will give your beloved pet a dignified resting place for the mush loved companion in return that during their entire life with all unconditional loyalty and love they gave you? Then Luke Williams and UK Skeletons will provide you with a service that is second to none.