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Rio Driving School, Walsall

Driving instructor - Paul Fisher I started my lessons with not even the slightest idea of how to drive and don’t know much about cars at all. From my very first lesson, Paul has taken the time to ensure that I am comfortable with everything and never hesitates to further explain something if I am struggling with it. He is always very positive about things, meaning you never feel like rubbish if you make mistakes whilst learning as he always reassures me that things like this happen and helps me to avoid making the same ones again which is important to me as If I am comfortable it makes me less nervous when on my driving lessons and much more focused. He always asks what it is that is like to focus on during my lessons as well as giving advice on what he thinks I need to practice more which helps a lot as not only am I doing the things I want to do but the things I need to do also! He is very friendly and outgoing which goes a long way when you are learning something new and are initially quite nervous. I would definitely recommend.