Pixelight Photography
  • Based in Cheslyn Hay serving Cannock, Wolverhampton and Staffordshire areas.
Passionate photographer specialising in newborn, children, families and wedding photography based in Cheslyn Hay near Cannock.

Who we are (and more importantly, who we aren’t!):

“Hey Say Cheese!” This is something that you won’t need to worry about hearing on a session with Pixelight Photography. As a photographer, trust me, that will result in awkward show-your-teeth smiles, stiff poses, and bored children (and dads too!).

That’s just NOT what Pixelight Photography is all about. Instead, we pride ourselves on natural, candid smiles, in-the-moment emotions, and truly capturing what makes you and your family or significant other, exactly who you are (just in better light and with a few giggles along the way!)

Pixelight Photography provides high quality, professional photography experiences across Cannock, Bridgtown, Cheslyn Hay, Great Wyrley, Pelsall, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton and all surrounding areas. Specialising in posed newborns, children, in-home lifestyle and outdoor family sessions, Pixelight Photography also supplies outstanding service and high quality heirloom prints and custom product delivery for weddings, engagements and professional portraiture sessions. Headshots, commercial work and product photography are also growing in popularity in our appointment book!

Experience AND Passion – to create, to teach, and to make memorable moments

The professional photographer behind Pixelight Photography is Edel Clark, an Irish woman and night owl with a love of all things chocolate or coffee based, and a wife and mama to two little ones aged 3 and 1.

With a background in Photographic Design, Journalism and teaching for several years, Edel’s passion for photography has grown into a business across a timespan of over a decade, before finally becoming a full time thriving business which combines Edel’s two great passions – working with children and families, and creating beautiful, timeless images and video for them.

Teaching hasn’t fully disappeared from Edel’s life though, as Edel makes up 1/6th of the Photography Mentor team in Cole’s Classroom – a globally successful online photography education platform. With this, she mentors thousands of photographers daily, both here in the UK and abroad, online and in real, in-person workshops, teaching skills in business, marketing, photography, copywriting and creative development. The satisfaction of helping other budding photographers and business owners to reach their goal of becoming successful in their field is something that Edel finds particularly rewarding, and each day she also learns something new to incorporate in her own sessions as a result!

So what can you expect from a session with Pixelight Photography?

Well, you can expect a little of the unexpected! We won’t give away all our secrets as some require the element of surprise, but what we can tell you is that you will walk away from your session with truly positive, heartfelt and magical memories. A session with Pixelight Photography is so much more than just a photo session with a local photographer. It’s games, it’s laughter, it’s moments that you probably never take the time to appreciate any other day. It’s an attention to detail, movement and play. It’s sunlight, and togetherness, and a warm hot chocolate or coffee to signal it’s time to go! And it’s exceptional communication, service and delivery, all with a smile!

For the extra magic dust on your experience with us, you have the option of including VIDEO as part of every session with us – a unique and beautiful keepsake of your session, and of your loved ones, forever yours. Make sure to check out some video examples and see for yourself!

Newborns & babies:

Newborn baby photography is a passion, and a completely different approach to all other genres of photography offered by Pixelight Photography. We come to YOU – no need to worry about packing up the changebag! Your baby dictates the session, as the health, safety and happiness of baby is paramount. Newborn photos usually take 2-3 hours with breaks in between for this reason!

All newborn sessions include a mixture of traditional posed newborn work on the beanbag and props, in addition to the in-home lifestyle element so that we can capture memories of the whole family with the newest addition – in the nursery, cuddled on the couch or bed, and cuddled for feeding time. So often these memories fade in the mist of sleep deprivation, so our aim is to capture all the tiny details for you. With Pixelight Photography, you can rest assured that we take great pride in our Newborn and Baby photography, and with experience and patience, achieve a beautiful and varied gallery of images of your precious bundle. Sessions involving older babies, including milestone sessions, can involve props and backdrops as required.

Packages start at £195


As mentioned, Pixelight photography are experienced at in-home lifestyle sessions, capturing moments of you all as a family, doing something you all love to do. This could be baking together, building with Lego, playing with toys, paint, playdough or board games, reading books, or something totally unique just to you! It may even be as simple as hanging out together, cooking dinner and enjoying each other’s company. We work to create a story within the images captured, so that even 30 years from now, those memories and feelings will come flooding back.

We also specialise in outdoor family sessions – these are growing in popularity, even with our unpredictable weather! We have our favourite locations to capture truly stunning images, but if you have somewhere specific in mind, let us know! Sessions are usually scheduled around “Golden Hour” – that part of the day in the hour or so before the sun sets, casting magical golden light across the scene and hitting your back to create a gorgeous rim of light through your hair and across your body.

Imagine walking through a woodland area or field of corn, taking in the warm evening sunlight on your backs and laughing together as you follow my lead on the next “game” to play. Before you know it, you’ve a hot drink in your hand and I leave you guys to it – taking in the last of the evening light and replaying all of the amazing moments you have just experienced together!

Packages start at £145

Children / Portraits / Headshots:

Capturing a child’s beauty, innocence, mischievous smile and wonderous eyes is at the very heart of Pixelight Photography. Being able to truly connect with the person in front of the camera, so that the camera itself is forgotten – replaced with genuine smiles and confidence!

We offer portrait packages for both indoor studio setup and outdoor locations, with the latter becoming our most popular option by having portraits taken in the natural beauty of a park, field or nature reserve for example!

People have individual portraits done for a number of reasons these days – to update their online profiles for example, or perhaps they simply want to feel glamorous and retain that moment forever. Headshots for corporate and commercial work are also very popular, and no longer need to look like the stuffy head and shoulders shot of someone in front of a pale blue screen – that look is dated and Pixelight Photography will not have a blue screen in sight! For business headshots, we offer a mixture of urban and rural photography – ranging in setting from coffee shops to offices, company buildings to cornfields. No matter the choice of location, we work with you to ensure you are relaxed and put your mind at rest knowing that we will work with you to match your headshots with the brand you are creating. Part of the benefits of working for Cole’s Classroom as a Photography Mentor, is that Edel works in the realm of branding, rebranding and marketing every single day – so when taking the shot, she does so with a vision in mind that you share together – resulting in a headshot that puts YOU at the forefront of YOUR business and YOUR brand.

Packages start at £145

Weddings & Engagements:

Your wedding day is a day you’ll want to look back on for the rest of your life – the flowers you held, the dress you wore, the food you ate, the songs you danced to, that first look, first kiss, first of everything as a married couple. But the flowers and food, the songs and even the memories of who was in attendance and what happened on the day, will fade in time. The only thing that you’ll have to TRULY refresh those memories, and remain a forever keepsake to your wedding, is your photos! We know the value of that is priceless – there are no second chances, and your images need to tell the story to take you right back to the beginning, every time.

Pixelight Photography has experience in Wedding Photography for over a decade, having worked with couples all across the West Midlands since 2007.  Our brides love our attention to detail from the morning of the wedding day – we know what you won’t want to forget, even if you haven’t thought about it yet!

Over the years, Edel has been known to get stains out of a wedding dress, pin a flower girl back into a dress, make the cocktails and even drive the groom to the alter… all while delivering beautiful, professional photos that instil the connection and emotion of your day! Our goal on your day is for you to relax, and know that we’ve got you – whatever you need. (But ideally, make sure the groom doesn’t lock himself out of his own house – trust me, it happens!)

We also offer engagement sessions, which are perfect to get you both relaxed and confident in front of the camera, as well as providing high quality images for use in your wedding stationary and announcements! If you then choose to have Pixelight photography for your wedding photography, your engagement session fee is deducted from your wedding package cost – meaning you get it totally FREE! If you haven’t considered an engagement session before now, give it some serious thought - It allows us to build up a rapport, and we can ensure we know all your needs and requests are met, before the big day itself!

Packages start at £795

Commercial & Products:

Business photography incorporates many different things – from headshots to venue photography, specific product photography in studio and in use, as well as marketing images for promotional use across a range of platforms and media.

Pixelight Photography understands the importance of branding – and the message that one singular photo can convey can either bring in new business or force it away. It’s because of this that we build in questionnaires and consultations with clients before any photography begins -so that all of the ideas for the photography session have been listed to and discussed. We use creative lighting techniques and a range of specific equipment to achieve the desired finished image – making your product stand out by highlight the best features to sell to your market.

Packages start at £250

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