UK Minister urges Online Betting firms to prevent people from being Addicted!
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  • Wednesday 15th July - Until Thursday 21st July
Ministry requests betting companies to take precautions regarding addictive gambling and human life


The government has urged gambling companies to work harder to prevent vulnerable folks from spiralling into an addiction to online casino games throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.


In a letter to the five chief executives of the biggest gambling companies, the sports ministry, Nigel Huddleston, encouraged them to move beyond present proposals laid down from the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) at a 10-point pledge that has been branded"weak" by MPs.


In the letter, the ministry wrote during that time of what he called"increased risk" for bettors," messages warning of dangers and signposting to support need to become more evident for all potential clients."


Although there are limited data about the quantity of gaming advertising since the lockdown started, anecdotal evidence indicates firms are compensating for lost revenue from sporting events by increasing the number of advertisements for online casinos, particularly on social networking.


The Gambling Commission, which regulates the business, has reported indications of an increase in the usage of internet casino games, which are associated with higher rates of problem gambling. About 9.2percent of online slot machine and casino clients are known to have a serious problem, compared with 2.5% for internet sports gambling.


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has also announced a rise in gambling-related complaints because of the onset of the coronavirus outbreak.


Among these BGC's main safer gaming slogans, "When the fun stops, cease", has been criticised for being unsuccessful and highlighting the term"fun" in a bigger font.


Huddleston also informed firms to expect a need from the Gambling Commission for comprehensive data on clients' gaming patterns during the lockdown, to ascertain whether more must be done to safeguard people. 


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"I expect patterns of play to be carefully monitored so we can move quickly if there is a proof of problem gambling climbing," he explained.


Finally, he asked for an update on strategies to improve the gambling industry's spending researching and tackling dependence, such as a pledge to spend #100m over four years on treating players.


The BGC issued a 10-point pledge since the lockdown began, promising that companies would not exploit vulnerable people and addicts who might be at increased risk due to the inertia inherent in remaining in the home for extended periods.


However, in a letter into Huddleston, earlier this month, MPs, lords and one of the UK's leading gambling addiction specialists explained the BGC's proposals were weak, vague or shaped a part of requirements of the license to operate.


The government has promised to assess the Gambling Act laid down by Tony Blair's government in 2005 and has promised additional details after this year.


The BGC said its members would be delighted to abide by the sports minister's requests, including: "We can work with you, the government and the regulator to address any further regions where there's an identifiable increased danger to customers throughout the current crisis."


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