ONLINE TRAINING - Learn video editing skills
  • Tuesday 3rd November, 11:00am - Until Tuesday 17th November, 1:00pm
Three weekly training webinars, 2 hours each. This webinar course is for learning either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

This webinar course is for learning either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

An editor can either make or break a project so learn how to do it to a professional standard from home.

The biggest obstacles in learning how to edit videos are:

  • navigating the software
  • file management (it can get very messy)
  • succinct storytelling
  • learning how to operate the advanced controls such as colour, audio and footage manipulation.

We cover all of these areas in this three part webinar alongside giving teaching you a clear workflow that will save you tons of time on your future edits. No prior experience is required since we start from the absolute basics. Even experienced editors have huge gaps in their knowledge and learn a lot from these workshops.

The webinar is very interactive. Our goal is to teach how to operate editing softwares efficiently with practice on your own work. You must have the editing software on your own computer to sign up (Either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro) . We will be demonstrating how to operate the software through live screen capture to walk you through the process as you are doing it yourselves. We can send professional footage to learn with if you don’t have your own projects.

Part A (2 hour webinar) will cover:

  • Operating the software to get you in a position to start editing.
  • Navigating the software
  • Categorising and identifying usable footage
  • How to create ‘radio edit’
  • How to set pace and tone
  • Participants will start their radio edits with an instructor and finish them in their own time

Part B (2 hour webinar) will cover:

  • Fine tuning the radio edit
  • Cleaning
  • B-roll, visual sequencing and how to manipulate footage
  • Colour correction and consistency
  • Effects and transitions

Part C (2 hour webinar) will cover:

  • Audio editing
  • Music
  • Titles
  • Finishing touches
  • Exporting

If you require any other needs such as learning how to create vfx, title sequences, etc do let us know!

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