One term weekdays course - learn how to film, edit, and all aspects of TV production
  • Cambridge TV Training, 15 Signet Court Swanns Road, Cambridge
    CB5 8LA
  • Monday 20th January, 9:00am - Until Friday 3rd April, 5:30pm
A 10-week course in all aspects of factual TV programme making.

This is a week-day course. Tuition is mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays, leaving time to practice or to work. Tuition runs from Monday 20 January 2020 to Friday 03 April 2020, from 9am to 5.30pm.

Content will include the following:

• Camera skills for broadcast quality using Canon C100s, Canon XA20s, Canon XC10 kits alongside various other cameras such GoPro Hero6, Sony NX3s and BlackMagic studio cameras.
• Advanced camera skills utilising picture profiles, bitrates, lenses and camera techniques
• Filming in multi-cam setups for actuality filmmaking
• Setting up a good interview, lighting, sound, vision, 1/2/3 camera shoot
• Getting the ’Top line’ right and assembling a good narrative
• Asking good questions on camera. Probing and follow-up
• Editing: Getting the best from Final Cut Pro
• Editing: Getting the best from Adobe Premiere Pro
• Editing: Learning how to edit to broadcast standards – finding the narrative
• Editing: Colour correction, effects and title sequences
• Location sound and post production fixes
• Presentation skills, studio practice and reading from a teleprompter
• Studio skills: Cameras, mixing rather than editing, lighting, scheduling and broadcast
• Studio skills: Livestreaming
• How to plan and make a good short documentary piece (theory & practice)
• How to plan and make compelling long form documentary pieces
• How to pitch ideas to production companies
• How to use green-screens effectively
• How to build and set up a studio environment
• Treatments, scripts and pitching ideas for programmes
• Producing and directing: What’s expected and how does one perform these roles
• Protecting rights and releases. Regulations, safety and good practice
• Business and commercial skills: How to set up your own business, find work and CV advice       

Social Interaction
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