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Called on the Monday, had an informative, friendly chat. Booked in the following day to my home address. Performed re-map, whilst explaining the process. Took around an hour to remap and "Unleash The Beast", I then took for a test drive, instantly experienced the power and torque gains!! Aled and his team comes HIGHLY recommended to anyone seeking a power remap. Many thanks indeed!
Great communications from first contact. Aled is friendly and engaging, nothing is too much trouble for him, he answered all my questions and I am a novice at remapping so he had quite a task! The day of the remap, Aled arrived promptly at the time agreed and, after brief introductions, was at work on my car (Audi Q5). He kept me informed every step of the way explaining things in a language I could understand and took me on a test run following the completion of the remap. All in all, a very, VERY pleasant experience for someone like me who knows little about cars. Aled is a consummate professional who is very easy to get along with. He shows professionalism and care of his work and your vehicle and along with very reasonable prices for an excellent home service, there's no need to look elsewhere. Highly recommended!
A big thank you to aled from mobile remaps for looking at my discovery 3 4.4 v8 very friendly and knowledgeable . I am very happy and will definitely use again .thanks Marcus
Had my VW Passat 2lt tdi 140bhp remaped to give more torque for towing a caravan. Excellent service really pleased with results, car running smoother extra torque noticeable. When using without caravan in tow economy much improved which is a bonus that i wasn't really expecting. Aled excellent person for doing the job, patient, polite knowledgeable and very carefull with vehicle whilst undertaking, will use again in future and recommend to friends.
Ever since I bought my Volvo C30 T5 over a year ago it had been on my mind to have the car remapped. I found the power delivery (although powerful) to be a bit 'lumpy' and was a little bit akin to driving a diesel. I called Aled and after a brief chat on the phone I had decided that I would go ahead and since he was the most reasonably priced too I didn't have to think twice. After driving the car for a couple of weeks now it is easy to notice that the power delivery is much more linear, and the power and torque difference is very substantial! Also I am yet to notice a drop in the fuel efficiency which is a bonus too. All in all I am very pleased and would certainly recommend his services to anyone thinking of having their car remapped.
So it all began when I was looking at remap options for my 2014 Morgan 4/4.I spoke to a number of providers in Yorkshire where I live but looking on line I came across MobileRemaps of Cambridge in the shape of Aled Archer. The upshot was that I decided to drive the 3 hours down to Al after a long chat..he came across as very professional, knowledgeable without being pushy. I made the right decision !!.. I was led through the process by Al and all options were explained clearly. My car was transformed ...the 3 hour drive back to York was as if I was driving a different car!! On the rolling road pre-remap the standard car gave 114bhp 98 lb/ft. I revisited my local rolling road after the remap and recorded 130.4bhp with 118 lb/ft. Great value for money, great result, very was 6 hours driving but well worth it !!
Hello Aled Thanks for doing the map. Went out in it yesterday and can feel the power difference straight away, it's also a lot louder and grumbles more now! The map is perfect! Your services where spot on, communication was faultless. I would strongly recommend you and if I buy another car I will be giving you a call! Thanks very much. Dan.
For anyone thinking about having their car re mapped or tuned I would ask a couple of minutes of your time to please read my ramblings. I have, with no prior knowledge of or dealings with, very recently tasked Aled and the guys at Mobile Remaps to tune my X5 Msport. After a long chat on the phone with Aled he had me sold on trying their software and remapping. I chose Aled after phoning around for a couple of reasons. Firstly he was easily the best price I could find. Secondly his remit is that before charging you full wack for a remap that may not work he carries out full diagnostics on your motor and let's you know if you have engine issues that need addressing before tuning. So basically he does NOT just take your hard earned cash and run, regardless of whether or not the tuning is suitable. Aled was the ONLY person to offer this service. So the week before Xmas Aled arrives at my work. Carries out his diagnostics. He then proceeds to show me his findings and explain in depth what changes he will make and what I should expect thereafter. At this stage I should point out that my car was by no means slow. An X5 Msport speaks for itself obviously. So I take my car for a test drive. WOW !! You would not think a car of that size and weight could move like that. Absolutely incredible power and speed. And much to my great delight I am getting loads more miles to the gallon !! Any of you who employ Aled will find him to be an absolute gentleman and also a wealth of information and knowledge in all things mechanical. His reputation is earned by the awesome service he provides and for my part his reputation is thoroughly deserved. I will leave you with this thought. All of this was done the same week that Aled's wife delivered their first child !! Talk about going the extra mile !! I could not recommend Aled and the team strongly enough. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Give them a call. You will NOT be disappointed !!
Hi Al, just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying driving the car now. Thanks!
Hi Al, thanks again for the ridiculous improvement to my truck. It’s a joy!
Thanks for the excellent service Al, my Peugeot Partner HDi now drives superbly. Power has increased with a healthy shove in the mid range and economy has improved. Great service!
Good Morning, just back from a 850 mile round trip of mixed motorway, Welsh hills and A roads right up through Wales with a max load of 5 tonnes hauled by our 8.5 meter motorhome with a 3lt Mercedes engine on an auto box!! Returned 24mpg after your remapping [up from 21/22mpg]. All considered I thought this was not bad. The pick up and response on the auto box is much improved. With the current price of fuel this is on the right track.” - Hymer Mercedes S800 Motorhome
I have known Al in a professional capacity for a long while. He is a very passionate and committed individual who works tirelessly to meet the needs of his customers. His knowledge and expertise in remapping is second to none and his quality of work is equally as impressive. I would highly recommend Al and Mobile Remaps to anyone considering such services.
Have used twice now. Excellent friendly service.. Well recommended!
I am very happy with the service I have received on two separate occasions. Aled is very knowledgable and very eager to help in any way he can to ensure a happy customer. I highly recommend mobile remaps and will be using them again in the future if required.
Fantastic service and good advice. Lovely smooth power delivery. Fast book in to with my remap booked in that same day. Plus, came to my house to do the remap.
I have now had a chance to drive my VW Tiguan following its remap and my thoughts are that overall it is just much more drivable in that it is smoother through the gears, it no longer seems to labour bit at low revs, it pulls more cleanly in each gear and it seems to accelerate faster as well. Overall very pleased and consider it to be money well spent. I also cannot praise your service too highly given what you had to do to fulfil this particular remap. Thanks very much!
Perfect job. On time. Great Service. Spot on result!
When I had the Touareg 3.0 v6 remaped (blend) it was a whole different beast, I really noticed the difference and was extremely happy. Increased power and better mpg (+5mpg on average). On that basis I highly recommend mobile remaps.
I would like to say a really big 'Thank you!' to Al at Mobile Remaps. Today he remapped my Peugeot RCZ. The drive back home was a total pleasure with noticeably improved power, especially in the mid range. This was the second car he has remapped for me and I cannot recommend both Al and Mobile Remaps more highly. 5 Stars for sure!
Al at Mobile Remaps has tuned two vans, a Merc ML and now my Mitsubishi L200 for us. What a difference! The L200 is now fun to drive and with the traction control switched off... is quite happy to get sideways! I told the dealer that I was getting Mobile Remaps to tune the new truck and they were absolutely OK with it and said it wouldn't affect the L200's warranty. For all other vehicles we get in the future, we'll keep using Al as he's friendly, knowledgeable and delivers on what he promises.
Cracking job! My vehicle is smoother and pulls like a train. I've also worked out i'm getting around 10% more mpg too! Really pleased I called Mobile Remaps. They were the only company who talked through all options and actually spoke about potential side effects of having too much power from a remap versus blend remaps, warranties and insurance etc. They were the only company to do this. The rest just gave power figures and a price and weren't interested in talking with you about all the other stuff. So from now on, it's Mobile Remaps only when it comes to tuning my cars.
A+++ Service. I have used 'Al' to remap my previous vehicles & he has always done an amazing job. I had my BMW E82 remapped by the largest & supposedly reputable Tuning company in the UK, who subsequently put a very poor 'Flash' map on my car, causing my ECU to go into 'Limp-mode' & cause 'over-boosting', resulting in my car dangerously shutting down whilst driving at speed. I had this map removed & then took my car out of town for Mobile-remaps to remove my ECU & remap the car properly. They have done the remap properly & I am very happy with the result. Excellent knowledge of both Tuning & mechanical aspects of vehicles & would highly recommend..
Thanks Mobile Remaps for Transforming my Little Car! This is not a review about meaty muscle diesel cars, but nippy Italian car, which I decided to re-vitalise to make my daily commute more fun and to make motorway driving a doddle. The results have outgrown my expectations. Al has helped me to increase the power from 70hp to 90hp, and the torque from 150nm to 210nm. I have just finished second week after the re-map and I must say I am chuffed. I am sure the results will vary from car to car, but it worked for me. So anybody with 1.3 multijet (Panda, Qubo, Doblo, Punto, 500, Idea, Vaux Corsa, Astra) if you are driving on 70hp – do not hesitate to have the job done on it. The service I’ve received from Al was top notch, and the work has been successfully completed at the first attempt. I will definitely consider using Al’s services on my next car.
My brothers have had several of their cars remapped by mobile remaps and have been raving about it. I decided to try it for myself and had the blended mix. It's fantastic. The car gets up to speed quicker so I feel safer pulling out at junctions. I would definitely reccomend it to anybody thinking about having their car remapped. When ever my brothers get a new car the first thing they do is ring Al at mobile remaps. Even my mum had her car remapped.
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