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For chemical free and effective mattress cleaning in the Camberley area, call The Mattress Doctor.
  • Do you or your family suffer from Allergies?
  • Do you like to keep your Camberley home as hygienic and dust free as possible?
  • Have you considered professional mattress cleaning?

Clean mattresses, upholstery and other soft furnishings with the help of The Mattress Doctor!



The Mattress Doctor's holistic approach to upholstery and mattress cleaning provides you and your family with an ultra clean environment, without the use of nasty chemicals or liquids.



Why should I clean my mattress?

A clean, hygienic bed can result in a good night's sleep, whether you suffer from allergies or not.

Modern living with all its luxuries, such as warm centrally heated rooms and double glazing, has created the perfect environment for viruses, dust mites and bacteria to thrive, and also seals in other pollutants. This is one of the contributing factors to the rise in asthma, eczema and other allergy problems.

How do I know if my mattress needs cleaning?

Why not book a FREE mattress test with The Mattress Doctor? The mattress cleaning specialist can visit you in your Camberley home to test the level of contamination in your mattress. This service is completely free and there is no obligation.


So how does mattress cleaning work?

The Mattress Doctor can decontaminate, clean and protect your mattress in three simple steps, without the need for harmful chemicals:

Stage 1 - Removing harmful allergens
The Mattress Doctor uses a high frequency power cleaner to destroy and loosen particles of dirt, dust mites and their excrement from your mattress. These are sucked up efficiently using a high powered vacuum designed to trap 99.97% of all the debris it collects.

Stage 2 - Eliminating germs and bacteria
The Mattress Doctor will sterilise your mattress with a UVC Radiation Sterilising Unit. This will kill any germs, bacteria, viruses and spores.

Stage 3 - Protecting your mattress
The final stage of mattress cleaning involves the application of a protective Mattress Hygiene Spay. This is made from natural ingredients and is completely harmless to you and any pets. This will act as a repellent to insects and slows down the reproduction rate of any dust mites which are re-introduced, reducing the frequency of cleans required.

Kind to you - deadly to dust mites!

The Mattress Doctor's mattress cleaning system has been featured in many national magazines and newspapers, including Good Housekeeping, House & Garden and The Sunday Telegraph. To read these articles and to see testimonials from previous satisfied customers take a look at the website:


Enjoy a good night's sleep thanks to The Mattress Doctor!

The Mattress Doctor can also clean carpets, curtains, upholstery, soft fabrics and fluffy toys safely and efficiently
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