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  • Camberley Heath Golf Club
    Golf Drive
    GU15 1JG
Expand your business and meet like-minded people through effective Business Support and Networking! BNI Camberley meets every Thursday morning from 6:30am at Camberley Heath Golf Club.


Welcome to BNI Camberley



Business Support and Networking

For like-minded people in Camberley & Surrey Heath



Do you want to grow your Camberley business?



Then why not become a member of BNI Camberley? - a business support and networking group that is cost effective, lucrative and enjoyable.



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What is Business Networking?



Business Networking is a great way to expand your business and a place where you can meet new people, make new friends and receive help, advice and support along the way.



BNI is a worldwide networking phenomenon that has achieved unbelievable success due to its basic principle: "Givers Gain".



In layman's terms - I give business to you and you give it back to me.



Did you know that there are 550 BNI groups in the UK and Ireland, with 12,000 members, who last year passed on well over half a million referrals to their fellow members and this led to business worth £185 million?



To find out more about how you can join your local BNI Group, BNI Camberley, call Membership Secretary, Shaun Alexander

on 01276 32282 or 07966 373617




What We Do



Everyone who joins BNI Camberley is serious about promoting their business and themselves.


Every person you meet at the BNI Group will:



get to know you;

understand your business;

understand the type of customers you are looking for;

know at least 40 close friends and contacts who may be potential customers for you.



Let cold calling become a thing of the past and join BNI Camberley now!



Call Shaun Alexander on

01276 32282 or 07966 373617 for further information about our business support and networking opportunities.




Where We Meet



BNI Camberley meetings are held:


Thursday mornings, 6:30am - 8:30am at:


Camberley Heath Golf Club

Golf Drive



GU15 1JG


Click here for directions.


If you would like to find out more about what we do and how we can help you expand your business, why not join for breakfast as a guest of The Best of Camberley?

Call John Udal on

01344 874091 / 07825 414432




Current Members





So, if you want to join a group in Camberley who can help your business grow, call John Udal on 01344 874091 or 07825 414432 and learn more about BNI Camberley.



Don't forget to mention The Best of Camberley when you contact or join BNI Camberley and say you saw them listed under the category of Business Support and Networking.


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