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When faced with finding a new home to store all of our office archives, my first choice was Access Self Storage in Camberley. Having used them previously when moving home, I knew that I could depend on them to provide a solution at a budget we could afford. Within 15 minutes of my visit, their efficient agent Cassie had opened our account and we were ready to unload our boxes into an easily accessible locker. With 24 hour secure access, I can even go and retrieve my old VAT records at 3am should the need arise! I would have no hesitation in recommending Access Self Storage for anyone looking to de-clutter their home or office. The only downside is that they won't accept my collection of live ammunition or dangerous chemicals!
My house was full of ‘stuff’! Pictures, ornaments, books,clothes, things I owned but didn’t want around me, but I also didn’t want to throw them out or give them away. The solution turned out to be simple – I rented a storage room at the local Access Self Storage unit in Camberley. My house now feels more spacious and every weekend I pop down to my lock-up unit and sort through another couple of boxes, marking things for keeping, car boot sales, e-bay or charity shops and, in a few cases, bringing back home! It is so easy to rent a space: I have 24 hour day, 365 days of the year storage in a warm and secure environment to use as I wish. The staff are helpful and friendly and they make me feel welcome if I go there when they are on duty. I wish I had given myself ‘thinking space’ for my possessions years ago. The staff members at my unit tell me that some people keep their wardrobes in storage, changing them about as the seasons alter, or storing barbecues for the summer and sledges for winter!
I used Access Self Storage when re-locating my business, it made life so much easier and their rates are very competitive.
Their customer service far exceeds the local storage company I currently use and they will be getting my future and current business.
I have personally used Access Self Storage for over 2 years and have always been happy with the facilities and high level of security in place.
We recently carried out some renovation work on our house and I called in to the Access Self Storage depot for some advice on packaging and storing some furniture whilst these works were going on. I found the staff exceptionally helpful & knowledgeable and they were able to supply boxes and tape and more especially, free advice there and then. Very impressive.
They make a great cup of tea - are pleasant, helpful and courteous - and will do you a deal if you are nice!
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