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360 Vehicle Leasing, Bury

360 Vehicle Management Ltd Web site was easy to use, they did not take a deposit on my vehicle order, kept to price quoted even though the car was delayed. Chris Smith kept me informed though out the process and answered numerous question promptly. The dealership who supplied the vehicle to me on behalf of 360 could have done a lot better. I was told it would be delivered by transporter, but it was driven to my home address from the dealership, the car arrived covered in dust and with some bird muck on the roof, the tyres were mud stained as if it had been stood in a field, some dust on the car interior upholstery and in the drivers foot well the carpet was very dirty. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the vehicle. The delivery driver promised to telephone me back on his return to the dealership about a couple of queries I had with my vehicle check list, but he never did. Apart from the vehicle presentation all is well and I would use 360 again.