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Get Driving Today, Bury

I can’t thank Graham enough for the amount of support and confidence that he has given me in my driving. From the scared, lacking confidence lady he started out with almost a year ago to the driver that I am today just goes to show how incredibly well he does his job. Graham has helped so much with my anxiety not just on the road but also as a person, and I couldn’t have chosen a better instructor. Graham cares for his pupils and it’s so obvious to see with the amount of support I have had, extra lessons and just being a text away if I have any queries. He’s adapted lessons and methods of teaching to suit how I learn, and I really felt heard and taught as an individual to give me the best possible outcome on my test. With Graham, I passed my test today at Bolton, 1st time with only 2 minors! I’m still in absolute shock and I would recommend this instructor to absolutely anybody who wants to learn to drive as he truly is one in a million. Once again, thank you so much Graham for everything you have done for me, and for making me the driver that I showed myself I really am today on my test!