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360 Vehicle Leasing, Bury

I saw the advert for 360 vehicle leasing on the internet about 7 months ago, with a car I was looking for at a greatly reduced price and I contacted Russell and Chris who were very helpful. Being of an older generation I was unsure about buying on the internet but they put my mind at rest and reassured me that it would all be ok. There was no deposit to pay, so it all seemed good and this was just when cars were becoming difficult to get. They told me it could be up to a 6 month wait, but they kept me updated by email on the delivery date. The car came last week and was delivered to us in perfect condition. The service was excellent. I do believe that had they wanted to they could have backed out of the deal and sold the car at a much bigger price and I am really grateful that they didn’t and they stuck by the deal. I would highly recommend them.