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Little Holcombe and Tower View Nursery, Bury

Honest, caring and loyal staff who work at little Holcombe and Tower view. I have 3 children who have all attended here. Oldest one attended peelers prior to covid and loved every minute of it, middle one attended nursery here and staff at tower view were fantastic in helping him gain his EHC prior to starting school. They never gave up on us or him, they were always there to help and support. When it came to my daughter starting nursery there was no doubt in my mind she would be attending Little Holcombe and Tower view, I would not put her anywhere else, as she was a lockdown baby she has not been around many new people and cried if I walked away from her but the staff at little Holcombe were amazing at helping her get use to being there, she now is so excited when she sees she is going to nursery and hand over is done with such ease. She has the best days there doing all different wonderful activities.