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Evolve Military College, Bury

Beth has attended evolve since leaving school. Her dream for the last 3 years is to become an army medic. Evolve has been amazing with her , not just for the physical side of it, but the mental side aswell. She comes home muddy but smiling and loves everything about it (especially battle pt ! ) her favourite out of everything She failed her assessment at Scotland on her bleep test, but thanks to Tony and all the staff at evolve she smashed it today ! They didn’t just train her and got her fitness up, but shown her a technique of how it should be done. Which got her a pass and a huge smile. Evolve have not only been there helping Beth, but are a massive support for all of her family aswell I can’t thank them enough for the last year and all they’d done. Beth quite happily travels from Wigan -which involves a bus to Wigan station, then a train to Bolton, then another bus to bury and then a bit of a walk to the centre, she does that Monday - Thursday quite happily , rather than not go. Thankyou Tony all the staff at evolve for helping Beth achieve her future goal