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Little Holcombe and Tower View Nursery, Bury

Me and my sister both went to little holcombe nursery. The aunties are all lovely there and we had lots of fun. When we were bigger we went to Tower View in the holidays, it was good to see some friends that i havent seen since nursery.

Red Tiger Karate Club, Bury

I have been going to Red Tiger for around 2 years now and I am a purple belt. I love it there and have made some good friends too.

Ian Lavin Close up Magician, Bury

I love Ian, he is the best magician in the world. His tricks are awesome especially when he turns a deck of cards into an empty box.

Tompsons Restaurant & Take Away, Bury

My favourite chip shop, I love the cones of chips, always very nice and hot.

Brightway Cleaning, Bury

I love Brightway cleaning, Clare always makes my room lovely and tidy. She tidies my toys.