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Bury Business Group, Bury

I have been a member of this networking group for over five years. We attend on a weekly basis and it is so effective I don't need to attend any other groups.

Bury Business Group, Bury

I have been a member for over 5 years. The referrals and many connections received over this period have been invaluable to the development of my business, and expanding my reputation in the Bury area.

Jacob's Ladder Property Consultancy Ltd, Bury

I wanted to invest in a buy to let residential property in the Bury area. Simon was able to use his considerable local knowledge to guide me on where best to buy and also then assist in sourcing me a property. He then assisted in advising as to the best level of decoration to the property to enable it to be let quickly and it was let literally before the paint had dried! Simon also deals with any issues that may arise with the tenant, and that prevents me from having to be concerned about dealing with the matter and allow me to focus on my own life and work.